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What is ELAS.TECH?

ELAS.TECH Network is a managed network of sources and destinations that allows transport and routing of live video across the globe with the lowest possible latency.

ELAS.TECH is a video acquisition and delivery service that is fully managed end-to-end through a combination of highly skilled personnel, unobtrusive automation and forensic video and network probes.

What content is available on the network?

fill in with what is available now

Do I need to use specific protocol or codec on ELAS.TECH?

ELAS.TECH supports all major transport protocols and is codec agnostic.

What is BVoIP Protocol?

Broadcast Video over IP (BVoIP) is a latency optimised proprietary protocol developed by MediaAtmos. It was designed primarily for low latency broadcast video requirements, but it can be utilised across any live transmission types.

What is a MediaGateway?

It is an appliance or a software instance that allows customers to pick up and hand-off of live video streams in various formats. Appliances may pick up or hand off SDI and IP MPEG-TS, while software only instances emit IP-based MPEG-TS streams only