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MEDIAATMOS transports premium live broadcast video across the globe

Delivered via unmanaged IP networks, achieving super low latency using
our video transport platform ELAS.TECH

How It Works

Live event example

The video output of a live production from within an arena is encoded and transported using the ELAS.TECH protocol. From the venue, the video feed is transported into the cloud infrastructure and on to a broadcaster, in this example, a broadcaster located in Malaysia.

The protocol uses AWS’ backbone network to transport the signal globally, with last mile connectivity provided through a customer-sourced local ISP. All error correction and multi-pathing is carried out through the ELAS.TECH protocol.

Additional OTT feeds can be generated and delivered to a CDN of choice, and/or social platforms.

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Cloud native technology, continuously evolving and never obsolete

ELAS.TECH enables customers to control all aspects of live video contribution, distribution, monitoring and analytics.

For the receipt and handoff of video streams we can offer our MediaGateway which can be installed as an appliance or a software instance.

  • Manage sources, destinations and create routes
  • Browse and acquire live sources and events
  • Record and playback content
  • Schedule live event contribution, publishing, recording and playback
  • Monitor and receive alerts
  • Publish to CDNs and Social Media platforms
  • Acquire sources off-platform from satellite downlinks and 3rd party teleports

  • Appliance for pick-up and delivery of live video streams
  • Supports SDI encoding and decoding and/or IP
  • Supports SRT, RTMP, HLS, DASH and RIST
  • Allows for 2022-7 I/O
  • Centralised management of allow and deny lists
  • Optimised for multi-path resilience
  • Integrates with any SRT or RIST compliant appliance


Here is how we helped our customers 

MediaAtmos works with broadcasters and content owners all over the world for the delivery of live television and OTT content. 


MediaAtmos is a software technology provider that specialises in cloud-based content services.

Focused entirely on supporting customer needs for multi-market scale and revenue generation, combined with cost reduction and improved quality, MediaAtmos is at the epicentre of cloud exploitation and artificial intelligence augmentation.  Delivering software services that truly enhance customer capabilities and brand dissemination.

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